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The World's Borough: 138 Languages, 140 Nationalities, Stories Told Through Food



QueensEats was founded on Instagram in February 2015 as a way for us to keep track of our personal food adventures and hopeful food adventures, but it quickly snowballed into a NYC borough encyclopedia. Three years later, we have grown to over 25,000 followers, gained about 5 pounds between us, and been inspired by the diversity and strength of the community we live and eat in. Our goal is to support local businesses, especially run by families, immigrants, and members of the community. We have been featured in publications such as the NY Daily News, Idlewild, WeHeartAstoria's The Paper, the Queens Courier; have collaborated with NYC Tourism #SeeYourCity campaign, the Barcelona Tourism Board, B2Boutique Hotels, and Des Hotels et des Iles, local and foreign restaurants and tour groups; and we are currently tastemakers for the Tell App. We love living here, and we are so happy to provide something for our neighbors. We hope that we have become a resource to learn about your community, break out of your current eating routine and comfort zone, and plan your travels and Queens weddings. Our motto? Embrace your community.



We got started on Instagram in February 2015, and it is our primary way to bring information to you with daily postings.


We currently have merchandise for sale that includes QueensEats stickers, patches, and totes to represent our borough

🤬you guys, why am I in a winter jacket_ THANK GOODNESS FOR #RAMEN, literally life saving force toda


Everyone has their favorite spots, so we have also create guides to our favorite places to grab certain foods here in Queens! From pizza lists to great breweries to must eat soup dumplings, we have sampled the lot across the borough so you can enjoy the stand outs!

QueensEats Meet Up


Want to meet new foodie friends, local business owners, and hear all about QueensEats while enjoying drinks and food at a local restaurant? Then come out and join us at the Lowery in Sunnyside, Queens  on Thursday, May 10th, 2018 for the next QueensEats Meet Up! Click below to purchase tickets! 

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 5.56.53 PM.png


Download our Eat Around the World in Queens guide, which covers the best in classic Queens and diverse places to NOM in our wonderful borough, organized by neighborhood!

How each Monday should start, on top of a mountain, killer view, cute companion, and delicious #bage


When we travel we are looking for the memories; the best off the beaten path place, the best restaurant that represents that city; the best things to do if you are food and fun loving! As very intense food people, we spend months researching each place we go to and create our QueensEats guides to suite any particular New Yorker needs (and you all know we can be very picky)!

Current guides include: Washington DC, Chicago, Montreal, London, Barcelona, Paris, Zurich, and Guadeloupe with an upcoming feature on the California coast. 

Cake by Aloria Cakes based in Astoria, NY


We have just finished planning our wedding that occurred on October 28th, 2017 here in Queens. We have a gathered lots of knowledge and connections here in Queens, and we would be happy to pass on what we have learned. 

Cake By Aloria Cakes

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When you have a whim to see thunderstorms on the beach, but then you get a great view of your lady i




Social Media Managers and Founders

We have been happily running QueensEats for the last two years, and we have been together in romantic partnership for the last six. Ashley is a Queens native, but Brian is a transplant from Connecticut. He is truly the inspiration to this project as we began documenting our journey when Brian told Ashley he didn't like Thai food. IRL, Brian is a medical student at NYIT and Ashley is a teacher in Queens. We were recently married in our Queens- themed Wedding at the Metropolitan Building in Long Island City, Queens, NYC!

Photo: Ayenia Nour Photography

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Waiting on the weekend for #romantic #coffee #dates with my fiancé #happyhumpday although I don't re
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